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This service commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples on the night before he was crucified. In contrast to our joyful Easter celebration when we celebrate his resurrection, the Maundy Thursday services will be a more solemn occasion.  The service will be Thursday, April 17 at 6pm.  Holy Communion will be served.  A nursery will be available for children under 3.

goodfriday1 We will remember the passion, or suffering, of Christ during this service.  You will notice a diminishing of light through the service in the pattern of tenebrae worship. Tenebrae is Latin for ‘shadows’.  Thus our worship will include an experience of some of the shadows that Christ endured. Our Good Friday service will include performances by the Chancel Choir and an orchestra.  A nursery is available for children under 3.




We’re having an Easter Egg Hunt during the Sunday school hour on Easter!  Children and their parents can meet in the CCLC (at the corner of Mulberry and Crockett) at 9:40am.

Questions?  Call Abbey Echols at 903-893-6514 or email her at


It’s time for a new church directory.  Portrait sessions will be May 13-17.  Click the picture below to schedule a time.

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