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Surf Shack VBS was a great time!  Here is a little video of all the pictures!
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First Methodist Sherman’s Stained Glass

Did you know that First Methodist Sherman’s stained glass windows have been with the congregation for over 106 years? The two European-made stained glass memorial windows were both presented to the Travis Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1910 and made the journey to the present home of First Methodist Sherman. One window measuring five feet nine by nine feet four inches, given by Eula B. Riddle Susan B. Cole, Sara B. Harris, Fay B. Randolph, and Marvin Binkley, in memory of their mother, Mrs. Sara S. Hardin Counts Binkley, Rev. Binkley’s wife.  It features Jesus standing near a vine-entwined tree with three of his disciples.  Inscribed below is a message as recorded i John, chapter 15, “I am the Vine, Ye are the Branches.”  This window is now located in the Sanctuary.
©First Methodist Sherman 2016-0582©First Methodist Sherman 2016-0578 ©First Methodist Sherman 2016-0581
The second stained glass window can be found in the Parlor and measures eleven and one half by fourteen and one half feet.  It was designed and made in Germany depicting Jesus sitting amoungst several children as described in Luke, chapter 18.  Near its base is a quotation, “For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  This window, presented by Dr. and Mr. Hugh Logan Hall, was dedicated to the memory of their three little daughters, Laurine, Ilta and Mertis. Faces shown in full view were from actual photographs of the latter two, who died in 1887 of diphtheria within a few days of each other. Buried in West Hill Cemetery their common grave white marble headstone, made in Italy, portrays three dimensional figures of their likeness which were sculptured from photographs used for the church window.
©First Methodist Sherman 2016-0608
©First Methodist Sherman 2016-0587