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Guest Speaker and Workshop


10XCHURCH Worship & Workshop

February 26, with Patrick Steil

Make plans to attend Worship as usual on the 26th to hear guest speaker Patrick Steil share insight and lessons learned from his unique experiences as a first-time visitor:

 “I believe all churches want to grow -- and so they try to be “friendly”, but 90% of the time they are NOT welcoming to US as first-time guests. My wife, kids and I have spent the past year traveling around the country, each Sunday visiting a different church.  We learned firsthand what is needed for us to want to come back again and again.  Here are the most common reactions we have after visiting a church:


“The worship service was great, but I don’t have any reason to return.”

“I think we might come back next Sunday.”

“I’m ready to join this church today!”

“This was so awesome! Who else can I invite to this church?”


Do you want guests to have the first two reactions, or the second two!?! This is what gets me excited about this workshop!  I want to show your church how to make Sunday morning a WARM, WELCOMING house of ACCEPTANCE, JOY AND LOVE!”


*After worship, all are invited to attend a workshop that extends the principles Patrick discusses.  Lunch will be served. Contact Pastor Sam for more information!

**Our meal will be prepared by two of the lovely and talented Wednesday Night Chefs: Kimberly Glaze and Sue Snider!

A Big Thank You!

For numerous years First Methodist Church has so graciously adopted families in Sherman ISD. Now that  we have a partnership with Crutchfield our families come from Crutchfield and Fred Douglass.

This year was another huge success and we wanted to let everyone who participated know and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
"Thank you, because you gave with no reason. Gifts of joy this holidays season. We are truly blessed. We pray that God touches all you do and protects your family." ~adopted family from Crutchfield

"The last 4 years I was able to be apart of this amazing mission. If you could only see the faces of the parents when they come to pick up the items. It is so emotionally overwhelming and well received."  ~Wendy Vellotti



Chili Cook-Off Results!

We had a great turnout for our 9thannual Chili Cook-Off!
Congratulations to our Winner for 2017 Chris Waddle.
Lawrence Davis placed 2nd with Ron Nickels taking 3rdplace and Jerry Holbert receiving the People’s Choice Award. 
Special thanks to our judges, Nick and Sue Keating and Lynn and  Teddy Pittman.  Thank you to Shannon Cain, Lawrence Davis, Matthew Echols, Sam Giger, Jason Godfredson, Jerry Holbert, Sherry Little, Ron Nickels, Craig Parson, Greg Tarvin, Beth Uselton, Chris Vellotti, Wendy Vellotti, Chris Waddle, Anne Webb, and Brian Welch, for cooking amazing chili! The pie auction was met with great success as well and we would like to thank Barbara Buckner, Abbey Echols, Debbie Graham, Kevin Harden, Dorothy McKee, Piper Medlock, Frances Nelson, Teri Nickels, John Ryan, Sue Snider, Beth Uselton, and Brittani Welch, for their pie donations that helped raise money. The auction was led by John Ryan and entertainment was provided by the Hip Replacements. Dessert was provided by Amber Dobbs, Darlene Godfredson, Courtney Mitchell, John Ryan, Kelly Shepard, Wendy Vellotti, Anne Webb and Brittani Welch. Thank you to Chris Shank and to the Youth for setting up and clean up.   

New Sermon Series Coming Jan 8


In January each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions and set goals for the coming year.  What kind of resolutions could we make in order to deepen our relationship with Christ this year?  This three-week series will explore the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional habits that can help us grow in our discipleship.


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