We are excited to be offering for the first time in our church’s history an international mission trip to Costa Rica. We have some information below about our trip including the mission trip contract and pictures of where youth will be staying. 
Dates: June 22nd- June 30th, 2019
Location: Central Valley, Costa Rica


  • Residence of Life Children’s Shelters
  • Building an apartment for older adolescents
  • Installing vegetable Garden 
    • Playground
  • Building classrooms for the school of Calle Rodriguez 
  • Continued work with admin buildings, community garden, and lodging
  • Work with Children and plan activities
Requirements for Youth Participation:
  • Participation in all fundraising events 
  • 75% Participation throughout the year in Youth activities 
  • Starting in January – Team Building Activities with Youth & Trip Leaders
  • 3 Parent & Youth Meetings 
    • 12/19/18, 3/20/19, & 5/15/19
  • No Cell Phones will be allowed on the trip.
    • Adults will be updated throughout the trip every night. 
Cost for Youth:
  • Cost for you $575
    • Deposit Due Dates:
    • 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, 1/30, & 2/27 – $115 per deposit
  • Passport & Shots/Doctor Visit
  • Required to sell $400 in stock ($200 within the congregation & $200 outside the congregation)
  • Multi-children Discount (ask Brittani)
We will be using a Strong Missions.
Strong Missions is an interdenominational Christian organization helping the people of Costa Rica, especially children and families, gain basic resources necessary for a healthy life, and has provided safe, affordable and fully organized mission/adventure trips for individuals, families, churches and schools since 2003.

The Strong Family

I, Charlie Strong, am originally from Victoria, Texas, and my wife, Angela, is originally from Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua, although she has lived in Costa Rica almost all of her life. Our daughter, Anna Elena, was born in Costa Rica in March of 2009. I earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Southwest Texas State University and a Master of Divinity degree from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. I worked in vocational ministry in the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church for almost 10 years, including youth, campus, and local church ministry and was formerly a registered Individual Volunteer with United Methodist Volunteers in Mission. God instilled a heart for missions within me while I was in my early twenties, and both this claim on my heart and the Gospel speak very clearly to me of Christ’s call to be in ministry to the poor.

Through Angela’s life here and my travels and work within Costa Rica and Nicaragua, as well as the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Africa, and Russia, we have become acutely aware of a multitude of suffering children needing basic opportunities and resources not available to them due to their socioeconomic status. Strong Missions was created in 2003 to lend assistance to such children and their families as well as other deserving people facing struggles due to lower economic status.

Our guarantee to you is that if you join us in this work, whether it be a mission trip or financial or prayerful support of one of our many children’s programs, that you will be able to make a real and lasting impression in the lives of the economically oppressed. In addition, you will develop a good understanding of the Costa Rican culture as well as a renewed heart for the mission of the Church to the poor.

          – Charlie, Angela and Anna Strong

   Strong Missions Mission Statement  

Develop communities in Latin America through sustainable strategies of local investment that break the cycle of poverty, reduce delinquency, minimize social risk, and change global perspectives.

Our Christian Mission

  • God is the God of peace, love and grace, and is ever-working to make such things a reality to all of Creation.
  • God inspires and empowers those open to the revelation and presence of God in the world to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Approximately 2% of the world’s population uses approximately 95% of the world’s resources. We, the world’s wealthy, have a responsibility to God, the world, and to ourselves to pass God’s blessings on to those who have less.
  • Christ calls us to love God above all else and love our neighbors as ourselves, and this includes all humankind who are our brothers and sisters. Christ also tells us that when we do for one of the least we do for Christ himself, and when we do not do for one of the least we do not do for Christ himself.
  • Embracing the good news of Jesus the Christ brings about the “peace that surpasses all understanding”, and with such peace comes the conviction that socioeconomic justice is a necessity and basic right of all people.
You can find out more information about Strong Missions, you can visit: