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I love the Gospel of John.  Throughout, there’s a phrase that’s repeated several times.  In the first chapter, John tells us that two young men approach Jesus and ask him what he is all about.  “Come and see,” Jesus says (John 1:39).

This phrase – “come and see” – becomes the invitation that disciples offer to those who want to know more about Jesus.  It’s what Philip says to Nathanael (1:46), and what the Samaritan woman says to her people (4:29) as she shares her excitement at having met the Messiah.  It’s a phrase that reflects both a culture of invitation and an attitude of hopeful anticipation of what God is doing (or is about to do) in our midst.

I invite you to come and see what is happening at First United Methodist Church of Sherman!  We have vibrant ministries for people of all ages, led by talented staff and committed volunteers.  Since 1859, our congregation has been making disciples of Jesus Christ and transforming lives.  Come and see what God has in store for you in this wonderful community of faith!


Pastor Chris