Adults connect with other adults through the sharing of their faith and their personal stories in a weekly setting where they feel accepted and loved. Sunday school classes present an opportunity to learn together about scripture and faith issues that matter to us most. Together we find ways to navigate the complexities of Christian life in a secular world.

For more information on Adult Sunday School classes, contact Samantha Parson at 903-893-6514 or

For Adults at First Methodist



Addicted to Hurry by Kirk Byron Jones

Led by Pastor Sam | Asbury Class

The Way & Three Simple Rules, DVD Series | “Guided by Faith” series begins May 28

Led by Brian Gaskill | Special guests, Kimberly Streun & Darlene Godfredson, Occupational Therapists, May 28 | Bible Class


On CS Lewis, May 7 & 14 | Bible Discussion, May 21 & 28

Led by Vicki LaPlant | Class Members  | Climbers Class


Well Versed by James Garlow

Led by Brandon & Jennifer Shelby | Cornerstone Class

Hebrews: Exploring one of the Bible’s greatest mysteries

Led by Stewart Mayers | F.A.I.T.H Class


When Christian Values Collide: The Rebel Flag, Shoot Thy Neighbor, Immigration, Big Pharma: The Tyranny of Greed, and the Religious Liberty Accommodations Act

Led by Ron Uselton | Fellowship Class


Sharing our Favorites: Exploring the Bible stories that shape our faith

Led by class members | Upward Bound Class


Teachings from the Gospel of John | Exploring our Faith

Led by Tom Flick | Special guest, Greg Tarvin, May 21 & 28 | Wesley Class



Free-spirited group of adults who value diverse perspectives on faith and life issues.


Room 130

Exploring a faithful life and journey with other adults over the age of 40.


Room 147

Discussion class of current topics and how they relate to the Bible.  A life application class made up of men and women, ages ranging from 60 to 90.  For more information, contact Julie Olmstead at 903.821.1110 or via email


Room 115

In depth and interesting studies of various books of the Bible led by Dr. Tom Flick.  A friendly and congenial class made up of men and women 50 years and older.  For more information please contact Bill Jarvis at 903.813.0172.



Room 127

The main characteristic of the class is caring!



Room 129

The Bible Class is diverse in age studying directly from the Bible.



Binkley Hall

The name says it all -Christian fellowship for all ages of adults



Room 125

Young adults studying today’s culture and its relationship to the Church.


Room 145

Physically challenged adults focus on how Jesus loves them.